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Capitol Hill

It's called that for a reason!

Hillary Photos Daily
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Hillary Clinton Photos Daily!

Hillary Clinton Daily


This community was founded by heartbeatfast as a safe-haven for all Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton worshippers to post as many photos of our goddess as our heart's desire. It is lovingly maintained by
girl_fromjersey,asaresquares, x_audioscene and heartbeatfast.


1. This is a picture community! And we all want it to stay that way, so in the interests of uniformity, every single post must have a picture. Even if it's attatched to a news story or you're just recounting a lovely story about that one time when Hillary saved you from a drunk driver and then bought you ice cream, there MUST be a picture. This is in keeping with the community's theme and keeps everything pretty and moving smoothly.

2. If there is more than one picture, it needs to go behind a cut. If you're unaware of how to make a cut, ask one of our fine members and
they will be more than willing to show you. We're a nice bunch and we don't bite! If your picture is large, it also needs to go behind a cut, to save everyone's friends pages. Otherwise, people will throw tomatoes at you. Literally.

3. CREDIT! While that random image you snagged off Google probably doesn't require a credit, any photos lifted from Flickr/similar sites require a link back to the photographer's account. Photogs are polite enough to upload/share their photos with us, we need to show them the same courtesy.

4. Though it is okay to post pictures with watermarks, it's just as easy to get a free(!) account with a place like Corbis to attain pretty, unmarked photos. Similarly, there are lots of sites which offer watermark-free pictures, some of which are linked on the community main page. Feel free to check them out!

5. While we dearly love Bill, Chelsea, Socks, and all those random Secret Service agents (especially the fine one), this is an HRC community. A photo of any of these people is fine - so long as Hillary is in it. There is chelsea_daily, and if anyone else in Hillary's life needs love, it's very easy to create a community for them. This remains
Hill-centric; if she's not in it, it needs to go elsewhere.

6. NO HOTLINKING. Many people host photos on their own accounts and
pay for space - it's rude to take up their space. Even free sites can max out on bandwith, at which point the photos will appear as lovely
red X's and no one will be able to see them, which is a crime against mankind and may lead to tears, mental breakdowns, and the need for
therapy. Please save us from this problem! Try tinypic or imageshack!

7. Everyone needs to be on their best behavior at all times. Playing nice with minimal name-calling and fair treatment of others is always required. Do as Hill would do! The same respect needs to be accorded Hillary's family, friends, colleagues and the like. If someone you don't like appears in a pic with Hillary, there's no problem leaving an "Ew, that horrible short assistant of hers, how I loathe him!" comment. There IS a problem with a huge 20-page discussion on it. Your dislike of a person or persons is your own choice, but we need to keep it civil, svp!

8. All embedded videos must include a link back to the source! Otherwise some people won't be able to view them, which is a travesty. Let's be courteous and make sure everyone has access to the Hillary goodies.

9. Last but not least, the mods and maintainers are always here to help you out with things. Feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, concerns, death threats or wedding proposals you have. WE WOULD LOVE TO KNOW!

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